It is all about chemistry [inside our minds]!


I finally decided to start this journal. I would not expect that entries would be very regular but from time to time I might be frequent. One never knows with me. And yes – my English is awful. But if I try hard – people somehow see what I am trying to say…

For a starter and in lack of better opportunities at hand I will just translate some random wisdom I did encountered in unlimited premises of the internet.


Life is full of nothing but our attempts to pass it. Granted that there are too much things that are beyond me I cannot afford it to lose control of myself. Yet again. How flexile a mind can be in self-justification? Is there any chance to explain others something contrary to their opinions having built up while checking TV channels or net sites?

You can count on that someone is most likely mollycoddle if he tends to decorate his pleadings with lines such as “Have you any slightest idea what burden I have to carry over my shoulders?”; “Do you know how bad I feel every single day?”; “You would never be able to understand me for no one is in my injurious shows?”... And truth be told – a lot of people are suffering mainly out of their Uncontrollable Lust For Other People Attention Syndrome. So let us call it ULFOPAS for the nice sounding of it…

Well that is quite aggressive BS for a starter…

Still it’s better compared to nothing. Although it might be just the second worst choice.

Well there must be a beginning anyway…


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